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Last March the Woggles joined the ranks of the Buggles and others in their assault on the Radio Star. Under the direction of Sleazefest videographer Craig Zearfoss, the Woggles and legions of loyal mutant zombies converged at the Star Bar in Atlanta to capture "Ramadan Romance," one of the tunes off the new 10"/CD, on tape.
All the effort is paying off! The video has been broadcast on MTV Europe’s Alternative Nation, and is slated for M2 in the fall. In addition, it’s a hit on Irish TV having been played there a number of times. One Louder’s record chief John Esplen says that more airings are lined up and will be shown in the fall closer to the bands touring in Europe.
Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Star Bar and played a part of the electric live audience. Without your support and enthusiasm our romping through the numbers would have been pale indeed! Thanks also to Craig’s sidekick Dave for his help taping and Marty and the Star Bar staff for putting up with our goofballness.

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