Tally Ho! New Woggles album available now!!


TALLY HO! is The Woggles brand new full length, and it’s available now on Wicked Cool Records. This is the band’s 4th for Little Steven’s label. Produced by Jim Diamond and recorded at Dave Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA it contains 13 tracks, including former Coolest Songs of the Week “What You Think We Are” and “Waiting For The Rain.”

You can order it from us here: https://thewoggles.bandcamp.com/

The digital version you can order from the likes of I-tunes, Amazon, etc.


Side One:
1. Luminol Test
2. Hard Times
3. What You Think We Are
4. Fire Thief
5. Morituri Te Salutant
6. Judas
7. Mothra Hai

Side 2:
1. Pitch A Fit
2. Waiting For The Rain
3. Tally Ho!
4. Learn To Love Again
5. Jungle Queen
6. Be Seeing You

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