Here’s hoping that all are healthy and safe among our friends and families! The Woggles are following all CDC recommendations and are even social distancing from one another by being in different cities! Well . . .we do live in different cities, so that hasn’t been too difficult.

Pictured here is Little Steven from last February, when The Woggles recorded with him on guitar, for a two song single/7” that is still on track to come out the end of June on Wicked Cool Records.

The plan for the rest of the year was to continue recording a new album with different guitar player pals of ours. We’ve worked up a bunch of new tunes with the help of Shane Pringle of @Tiger! Tiger! and will record with him, as well as Pat Beers (The Schizophonics), Peter Greenberg (Barrence Whitfield & The Savages, Lyres, DMZ) and Graham Day (The Prisoners & Solar Flares). Just when those recording sessions will take place now is a bit up in the air, given current circumstances, but that’s the plan, and whenever we get on the other side on things, we’ll get back on track!

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