Flesh Hammer Single out on Wicked Cool Records 8/29/22


New Woggles 7″ FLESH HAMMER is available August 29, 2022! Wicked Cool Records is releasing the new Woggles 7″ FLESH HAMMER on the late Jeff Walls’ birthday. Born August 29, 1956, he would have been 66 this year. To celebrate his legacy, Pat Beers, the guitarist in the Schizophonics, wrote the song in tribute to the late Woggles’ band member. The rest of the band joined Pat at Dave Klein Recording in LA in June of 2021 to record both FLESH HAMMER and THE WITCH, the latter being a cover of the Rattles song, “The Witch.” Jim Stacy did the artwork and Scott Sugiuchi the layout. You can get your copy of the 7″ here: https://thewoggles.bandcamp.com/

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