The Woggles Souled Out!!!

We all knew it was just a matter of time, but finally the Woggles have SOULED OUT!! The 10" features 6 new sizzlers from The Woggles and finds the band showing off some of their Soul and R&B roots. Included are 5 cover songs and one original tune. Recorded at Dave Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA in 2014, tracks, include "Karate Monkey" and "Somebody's Been Sleeping," plus versions of "Big Bird," "Treat Her Like A Lady," and others. Release comes with download card and is $10 postage paid. To order follow instructions on or email us at

[Album Artwork for The Woggles Souled Out!]

Woggles Xmas Single Now In Stock!!!

We finally got our new Xmas 7" in stock! The A-side is the Woggles original tune "Santa's Coming (Ho, Ho, Ho)" b/w a version of Clarence Carter's "Back Door Santa." It comes in either red or green vinyl and the sleeve is die cut in three places, courtesy of a layout by Buffi Aguero. The backside of the sleeve features artwork by Sam Leyja. The 7"s are $7 postage paid. That means the postage is included in the $7 price. Tell us whether you want red or green (or both!) and to order follow instructions on our merch page or email us at

[Album Artwork for The Woggles The Big Beat]

The Big Beat is out!!

The Woggles latest and greatest, THE BIG BEAT is available now on Wicked Cool Records. This is the band's 3rd for Little Steven's label. It was recorded at Dave Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA and contains 12 tracks, including earlier single A-sides "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me" and "Move," as well as the digital only single "Take It To The People." The vinyl version has a bonus CD that has two extra tracks. Scott Sugiuchi, of the Hatebombs, did the artwork. It's $13 ppd for the CD and $15 ppd for the LP, to order or you can order from Wicked Cool at

[Album Artwork for The Woggles The Big Beat]

Vote “Take It To The People” Coolest Song Of The Year

Please vote for our new single “Take It To The People” to make it the Coolest song of 2012!

It was coolest song of the week on Little Steven’s Underground Garage back at the beginning of November and that puts it in the running for Coolest Song Of The Year!

You can vote once each day until Dec. 28 and if you want you can also enter yourself each day to win a grand prize trip to the Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. That's a 4-night stay at The Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana for 2, round-trip airfare for 2, and $500 in Hard Rock Resort Bucks to spend on dining and/or entertainment! The Hard Rock Punta Cana has 5 pools, 9 restaurants, a Jack Nichlaus-designed golf course, 45,000 sq. ft. casino, astonishing spa, and is cradled by the most pristine beaches in the Caribbean! You and your guest must be 21 or older and live in the United States, to be eligible to win!

Just in Time For the Holidays

A couple of years back we made a video for a Xmas song we’d written called “Santa’s Comin’ (Ho, Ho, Ho).

Good buddy Mike Dickinson, who shot our “Ragged But Right” video did this one as well. The song was available afterwards as part of a limited editon 7” from Wicked Cool Records. Those are long since gone, but you can get the tune now as a digital download!

Merry Xmas!

New Single Out Now

The Woggles brand new single “Take It To The People” is out now! It's a digital release and available from Wicked Cool Records: and iTunes and elsewhere.

It’s from our forthcoming album The Big Beat, due out end of January 2013! The track was recorded at Dave Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA. Produced by Jeff Walls and the Woggles and engineered by Dave.

Head over to our myspace player to give it a listen:

[Album Artwork for The Woggles Take It to the People]

The Professor Mighty Manfred’s Juke Box Blasters

The superfab Debbie D has posted The Professor Mighty Manfred’s Juke Box Blasters in WFMU’s Rock And Soul Ichiban! Download the podcast where the Prof plays and talks about some of his fave tunes on his jukebox. It’s kind of a lava lamp colored wurlitzer …

The Woggles in Lilyhammer

Steven Van Zandt’s new TV show is Lilyhammer and features the one time Miami Steve as a mob boss, who enters a witness protection program, and ends up in Lillehammer, Norway, where he soon takes up his old ways. The series is available from Netflix and episode five (at about 30 minutes into the program) features some of the Woggles tune “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe.” The song is available only on vinyl as the B-side to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me.“ You can hear it on our myspace player:

The Woggles Rocked Germany & Italy

The Woggles toured through Germany and Italy in March 2012 and here are the highlights that have turned up so far:

Berlin, Germany Rock & Roll Backlash The World Is Falling Hi Hi Pretty Girl, My Baby Likes To Boogaloo Something To Believe In, Don't Give Me No Sass

Cologne, Germany Ramadan Romance, Push

Primavera Beat Festival, Alessandria, Italy Mule Lipped Ramadan Romance, Mella Mella,
                                                                                  My Baby Likes To Boogaloo

Brand New Woggles 7" Out Now!!!!!!!!

Wicked Cool Records has just issued a brand new platter that matters! The new Woggles' 7" features two tunes, "Move" b/w "A Waste On The Young." The A-side, "Move" is a Coolest Song Of The Week on Little Steven's Underground Garage! You can get it also as a download, but "A Waste On The Young" is only, and for all time, available on the actual 7". Sam Lejya did the artwork and Buffi, of Tiger! Tiger! and the Subsonics did the layout. $5 ppd. Visit Our Merch Page.

The songs are from a batch of new tunes the Woggles recorded the first week of January this year at David Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA. Barbe and Drew Vandenberg engineered, the Woggles produced, and Rodney Mills mixed at Rodney Mills Masterhouse Studio in Atlanta. You can give them a listen at our MySpace page.

[Album Artwork for The Woggles Move]

New Woggles 7" Out Now!!!!!!!!

Wicked Cool Records has just issued a brand new platter that matters! The new Woggles' 7" features two tunes, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me" b/w "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe." The A-side, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me" is also available as a download, but "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe" is only, and for all time, available on the actual 7". Buffi, of Tiger! Tiger! and the Subsonics did the artwork. $5 ppd. Visit Our Merch Page.

The songs are from a batch of new tunes the Woggles recorded in late August at David Barbe's Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA. Barbe engineered, the Woggles produced, and Rodney Mills mixed at Rodney Mills Masterhouse Studio in Atlanta. You can give them a listen at our MySpace page. Here's a live snippet of "Eeny, Meeny" from Sept. in San Diego at the Tower Bar.

[Album Artwork for The Woggles: Nothing's Gonna Stop Me (Long Playing High Fidelty Stomping)]

Northeast Shows Wrap Up

Thanks to all of y'all who made it out for our several northeast shows last month! The gigs were a blast and Billboard Magazine was even hip enough to catch the band in Hoboken.

And here's a clip to prove it.

Speaking of Hoboken, both there and the night before the Woggles played with Southern Culture On The Skids (SCOTS), who have a new album out that features a song about the late great Montague, called "Montague's Mystery Theme." Both nights when they played it, there was nary a dry eye in either band. Everyone in both bands swapped fave Gue stories over the weekend. SCOTS new album is The Kudzu Ranch. Go get it!

Piratepods Interview

In September, Tiffany from interviewed the Woggles outside of the Tower Bar in San Diego, CA. They've got the interview now on their website. Give it a listen!

The Woggles TEMPO TANTRUM – SPIN magazine “Best Of 2009”

We received an excellent mention for The Woggles TEMPO TANTRUM album in SPIN’s BEST OF 2009 issue.


“Three Gems You May Have Missed This Year”

“This mostly instrumental foray into surf, exotica, and Las Vegas grind by these Georgia garage-rock preservationists plays like the soundtrack to the best biker flick you’ve never seen.” – Doug Brod, SPIN

Out Now!

Tempo Tantrum, The Woggles' instrumental compilation is out now on Wicked Cool Records! Available as both a LP & CD, it includes rare and unreleased instrumental tracks (and one vocal number) from early material to newer recordings with the Flesh Hammer as lead string bender.

The regular CD package has 12 cuts and the LP has those 12 plus 2 bonus cuts! If you're adding that up, it comes to 14 tracks on the LP! But wait! There's more! Not only does the LP have 14 cuts, but the LP package also include a bonus CD that has 14 tracks too, so that you vinyl lovers can also upload to your ipods or some other fancy digital realm, when you can't carry your turntable with you.

You can order a copy from the Woggles directly at our Merchandise page – it's in stock now! Order now and get a free set of matching buttons of the tiki/totem heads pictured on the cover!

You can preview several cuts online at our MySpace page. Hatebomb Scott Sugiuchi has done the artwork. He's responsible for the cover art on Live At The Star Bar, Ragged But Right, and Rock And Roll Backlash. Here's the artwork:
[tempo trantrum album artwork]
Track Listing:
1. Tempo Tantrum
2. Los Angeles No Niseimaturi
3. The Elbow Twist
4. Valleri
5. Bullfrog
6. Sweet Tea
7. On The Move
8. The Kingdom Of Nye
9. Theme From The Vindicators
10. Flash Flood
11. Mr. Peppermint Man
12. El Toro

Bonus Cuts on LP and CD insert in LP Package:
Takamatsu Twist
Zombie Stomp

The Woggles Tour Japan December 2008!

The Woggles are proud to announce that they are returning to the land of the rising sun December 5-13! This will be the Woggles' 7th tour of Japan since 1995! In the past the Woggles have toured and performed with Japanese rock and roll luminaries Guitar Wolf, Goggle-A, the Have Nots, Teengenerate, The 5,6,7,8s,  Jackie & The Cedrics, Accel 4, Gasoline, Supersnazz, the Mad 3, plus many others and this year promises more of the same rock and roll abandon! Here is the tour schedule:

DEC.5 (Fri) Tokyo-Higasi Koenji / UFO club
DEC.6 (Sat) Nagano-Nagano city / Neon Hall
DEC.7 (Sun) Miyagi-Sendai city / Enn
DEC. 9 (Tues.) Kyoto-city / MUSE
DEC. 10 (Wed.) Fukui-city / XES
DEC.11 (Thu) Osaka-Nanba / Rock Rider
DEC.12 (Fri) Nagoya-Ohsu / OYS
DEC.13 (Sat) Tokyo-Shinjuku / JAM

The Woggles Japanese booking inquiries can be directed to Gaku at

For the Jet Set Crowd

Hey all you jet setters! When you're in Atlanta on a layover check out the Woggles while you chill with a drink! Chas, a very cool photographer in Atlanta, was commissioned to do a 2' x 25' photo-mural celebrating Georgia Music. The mural is in a new bar at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport called "Georgia Brown Juke Joint"  or just "Juke Joint," you can find it on Concourse D close to gate 26. There you'll find the Woggles in their live glory.

Spain 2008

The end of Feb. and beginning of March found the Woggles overseas doing a series of nine shows in Spain! The tour was a blast and you can feast your eyes on some highlights here:

Rock Club Ourense

Wonderful World of MySpace
A DJ in Kiev in the Ukraine has made a remix of the Woggles version of "The World Is Falling." It is pretty hysterical. The intro is a tad long, but if you can hang through that it "busts loose" afterwards. Is it good bad, or just plain bad? Entertaining either way!

Ghoul A Go-Go
"Put a head on a pole and have a party!" Squeal the little boys and ghouls! The Woggles versionof the Japanese GS tune "Dancing Lonely Nights" is featured on a special Japanese themed episode of the hippest and scariest kiddie dance show around, "Ghoul A Go-Go." Go to to find out broadcast and webcast dates and times and you'll see loads of kids and Creighton doing the monkey, twist and jerk to the Woggles version of the Japanese Jaguar's tune. The same episode features a live performance of the 5,6,7,8's.


Upcoming Releases!
The Woggles have two songs appearing on Christmas A Go-Go, a Xmas Compilation due out this fall on Wicked Cool Records. The Woggles contributions, recorded at Jeff Bakos' Ampworks Studio in Atlanta, are an original tune called "Santa Is Coming (Ho Ho Ho)" and a version of Clarence Carter's "Back Door Santa." Other Wicked Cool Artists contributing cuts include the Boss Martians, the Maggots, the Chesterfield Kings, the Len Price 3 and the Cocktail Slippers.

Montague Memorial 7" Record. Back when the tracks for Ragged But Right were recorded there were a handful of songs that didn't get mixed/finished due to time constraints. Two of those were Montague songs and have since been mixed to be issued on Portland's Blood Red Vinyl & Disc. Shortly before his passing, Montague purchased a 1960 Ford Thunderbird. His ode to it is called "Go Go Thunderbird" and features Montague singing lead with backing vocals by Mary Huff (SCOTS) and Lady Fingers (Hillbilly Frankenstein). The other song is a Ramones-esque rocker about those hot looking radio DJs called "Radio Face."

For another Blood Red Vinyl release, the Woggles recorded a version of "Find It" from the Beyond the Valley of the Dolls soundtrack. The cut is for a compilation that Blood Red Vinyl is doing of songs that are featured in soundtracks. Their first volume, Mondo Drive In: Volume 1 was released to all sorts of critical acclaim.

The Professor Mighty Manfred
In case you haven't heard, the Professor has added Mighty Manfred to his moniker and now DJ's on Sirius Satellite Channel 25, Monday - Friday. The channel is called Little Steven's Underground Garage and features Rock and Roll from the 50s on forward, plus helpings of R&B, Blues, Girl Group Songs, Instrumental Twang and Rockabilly. If you don't feel like investing in the hardware to receive Sirius, you now have the option of just subscribing via the Internet and listening through your computer. Check it out!



The Woggles are on MySpace and Facebook!
The Woggles are on and have been since 2004. In addition to hearing several songs from the next upcoming album, you can also check out our video for "Ragged But Right" and peruse a bunch of cool photos in the General Info Section, as they scroll by. Check it out and let us know what you think! Go to

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