June 4

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The Professor Mighty Manfred’s Juke Box Blasters

The superfab Debbie D has posted The Professor Mighty Manfred’s Juke Box Blasters in WFMU’s Rock And Soul Ichiban!Download the podcast where the Prof plays and talks about some of his fave tunes on his jukebox. It’s kind of a lava lamp colored wurlitzer …

The Woggles in Lilyhammer

Steven Van Zandt’s new TV show is Lilyhammer and features the one time Miami Steve as a mob boss, who enters a witness protection program, and ends up in Lillehammer, Norway, where he soon takes up his old ways. The series is available from Netflix and episode five (at about 30 minutes into the program) features some of the Woggles tune "Eeny Meeny Miney Moe." The song is available only on vinyl as the B-side to "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me." You can hear it on our myspace player:

The Woggles Rocked Germany & Italy

The Woggles toured through Germany and Italy in March 2012 and here are the highlights that have turned up so far:

Berlin, Germany Rock & Roll Backlash–Jw The World Is Falling Hi Hi Pretty Girl, My Baby Likes To Boogaloo Something To Believe In, Don’t Give Me No Sass

Cologne, Germany Ramadan Romance, Push

Primavera Beat Festival, Alessandria, Italy Mule Lipped Ramadan Romance, Mella Mella, My Baby Likes To Boogaloo

Brand New Woggles 7" Out Now!!!!!!!!

Wicked Cool Records has just issued a brand new platter that matters! The new Woggles’ 7" features two tunes, "Move" b/w "A Waste On The Young." The A-side, "Move" is a Coolest Song Of The Week on Little Steven’s Underground Garage! You can get it also as a download, but "A Waste On The Young" is only, and for all time, available on the actual 7". Sam Lejya did the artwork and Buffi, of Tiger! Tiger! and the Subsonics did the layout. $5 ppd. Visit Our Merch Page.

The songs are from a batch of new tunes the Woggles recorded the first week of January this year at David Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA. Barbe and Drew Vandenberg engineered, the Woggles produced, and Rodney Mills mixed at Rodney Mills Masterhouse Studio in Atlanta. You can give them a listen at our MySpace page.