June 4

Bowery Electric in New York, NY

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New Woggles 7" Out Now!!!!!!!!

Wicked Cool Records has just issued a brand new platter that matters! The new Woggles’ 7" features two tunes, "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me" b/w "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe." The A-side, "Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me" is also available as a download, but "Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe" is only, and for all time, available on the actual 7". Buffi, of Tiger! Tiger! and the Subsonics did the artwork. $5 ppd. Visit Our Merch Page.

The songs are from a batch of new tunes the Woggles recorded in late August at David Barbe’s Chase Park Transduction Studio in Athens, GA. Barbe engineered, the Woggles produced, and Rodney Mills mixed at Rodney Mills Masterhouse Studio in Atlanta. You can give them a listen at our MySpace page. Here’s a live snippet of "Eeny, Meeny" from Sept. in San Diego at the Tower Bar.

Northeast Shows Wrap Up

Thanks to all of y’all who made it out for our several northeast shows last month! The gigs were a blast and Billboard Magazine was even hip enough to catch the band in Hoboken.

And here’s a clip to prove it.

Speaking of Hoboken, both there and the night before the Woggles played with Southern Culture On The Skids (SCOTS), who have a new album out that features a song about the late great Montague, called "Montague’s Mystery Theme." Both nights when they played it, there was nary a dry eye in either band. Everyone in both bands swapped fave Gue stories over the weekend. SCOTS new album is The Kudzu Ranch. Go get it!

Piratepods Interview

In September, Tiffany from interviewed the Woggles outside of the Tower Bar in San Diego, CA. They’ve got the interview now on their website. Give it a listen!

The Woggles TEMPO TANTRUM &#8211 SPIN magazine "Best Of 2009"

We received an excellent mention for The Woggles TEMPO TANTRUM album in SPIN’s BEST OF 2009 issue.


"Three Gems You May Have Missed This Year"

"This mostly instrumental foray into surf, exotica, and Las Vegas grind by these Georgia garage-rock preservationists plays like the soundtrack to the best biker flick you’ve never seen." &#8211 Doug Brod, SPIN