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Out Now!

Tempo Tantrum, The Woggles’ instrumental compilation is out now on Wicked Cool Records! Available as both a LP & CD, it includes rare and unreleased instrumental tracks (and one vocal number) from early material to newer recordings with the Flesh Hammer as lead string bender.

The regular CD package has 12 cuts and the LP has those 12 plus 2 bonus cuts! If you’re adding that up, it comes to 14 tracks on the LP! But wait! There’s more! Not only does the LP have 14 cuts, but the LP package also include a bonus CD that has 14 tracks too, so that you vinyl lovers can also upload to your ipods or some other fancy digital realm, when you can’t carry your turntable with you.

You can order a copy from the Woggles directly at our Merchandise page &#8211 it’s in stock now! Order now and get a free set of matching buttons of the tiki/totem heads pictured on the cover!

You can preview several cuts online at our MySpace page. Hatebomb Scott Sugiuchi has done the artwork. He’s responsible for the cover art on Live At The Star Bar, Ragged But Right, and Rock And Roll Backlash. Here’s the artwork:

Track Listing:
1. Tempo Tantrum
2. Los Angeles No Niseimaturi
3. The Elbow Twist
4. Valleri
5. Bullfrog
6. Sweet Tea
7. On The Move
8. The Kingdom Of Nye
9. Theme From The Vindicators
10. Flash Flood
11. Mr. Peppermint Man
12. El Toro

Bonus Cuts on LP and CD insert in LP Package:
Takamatsu Twist
Zombie Stomp

The Woggles Tour Japan December 2008!

The Woggles are proud to announce that they are returning to the land of the rising sun December 5-13! This will be the Woggles’ 7th tour of Japan since 1995! In the past the Woggles have toured and performed with Japanese rock and roll luminaries Guitar Wolf, Goggle-A, the Have Nots, Teengenerate, The 5,6,7,8s,  Jackie & The Cedrics, Accel 4, Gasoline, Supersnazz, the Mad 3, plus many others and this year promises more of the same rock and roll abandon! Here is the tour schedule:

DEC.5 (Fri) Tokyo-Higasi Koenji / UFO club
DEC.6 (Sat) Nagano-Nagano city / Neon Hall
DEC.7 (Sun) Miyagi-Sendai city / Enn
DEC. 9 (Tues.) Kyoto-city / MUSE
DEC. 10 (Wed.) Fukui-city / XES  
DEC.11 (Thu) Osaka-Nanba / Rock Rider
DEC.12 (Fri) Nagoya-Ohsu / OYS
DEC.13(Sat) Tokyo-Shinjuku / JAM

The Woggles Japanese booking inquiries can be directed to Gaku at

For the Jet Set Crowd

Hey all you jet setters! When you’re in Atlanta on a layover check out the Woggles while you chill with a drink! Chas, a very cool photographer in Atlanta, was commissioned to do a 2′ x 25′ photo-mural celebrating Georgia Music. The mural is in a new bar at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport called "Georgia Brown Juke Joint"  or just "Juke Joint," you can find it on Concourse D close to gate 26. There you’ll find the Woggles in their live glory.

Spain 2008

The end of Feb. and beginning of March found the Woggles overseas doing a series of nine shows in Spain! The tour was a blast and you can feast your eyes on some highlights here:

Rock Club Ourense